VERISCAN™The Fingerprint of the future


PLEASE NOTE: Only products bearing the VERISCAN™ logo can be authenticated with VERISCAN.

How the VERISCAN Bullion Security System works…

PAMP’s revolutionary VERISCAN system operates on the fact that, just as in Nature, even man-made products possess microscopic ‘surface profiles’ as individual and distinctive as a fingerprint. 
Cost efficient and simple to use, this advanced scanning technology instantly authenticates any PAMP precious metals product bearing the VERISCAN™ logo. Boosting efficiency and greatly reducing risk of counterfeit bars, the benefits of the VERISCAN system belong to both distributors and investors alike.

Technical Requirements:

VERISCAN is available as an innovative and convenient iPHONE mobile app, or as a PC software system for use with a conventional document scanner* and the PAMP bullion-positioning frame.


  • iPhone 7 or above with iOS 12 and above
  • Download the free VERISCAN app from the App Store. Unlimited free usage for the first month with in-app purchases of scanning bundles thereafter

Subject to the VERISCAN iPhone Software License Agreement - FAQ VERISCAN iPhone App - VERISCAN App Support Page 

PC Software System

  • A bullion-positioning frame is required and must be purchased directly from PAMP
  • VERISCAN requires a document scanner for authentication. Please contact for further information regarding the bullion-positioning frame and scanner brands and models compatible with VERISCAN

Professional Users:

We recommend that you purchase a compatible QR-coder reader for enhanced data entry and quicker results.

Subject to the VERISCAN™ Software License Agreement.