PROVENANCESupply Chain Integrity & Traceability

Supply Chain Integrity & Traceability

Since its founding, PAMP has proactively anticipated the impact of the precious metals industry upon the world-at-large – including operational, commercial, environmental and human factors. And that is why today PAMP is de facto the world’s most accredited refiner and fabricator of precious metals. PAMP is also one of the few industry leaders to significantly contribute to current international regulations and compliance guidelines that ensure the highest ethical standards and supply chain transparency. Thus, PAMP’s varied clientele has always benefited from a time-honored level of conduct that is nothing short of impeccable. 

Realizing PAMP’s maxim Trust is Precious to the fullest, PAMP offers an unprecedented service of personalized precious metals sourcing and production management – PROVENANCE.

All precious metals utilized are not only of sound provenance, but also have Positive Global Impact as concerns Human Rights and Labour Practices, Environmental Protections, and Comprehensive Regulatory Compliance. Thus, PROVENANCE endows clients and their products with PAMP’s own reputation as the world’s most accredited refiner and fabricator of precious metals and leading bullion brand.

Indeed, PROVENANCE delivers the most rigorous sourcing available by offering a dedicated production process applicable to all products, including bars, coins, semi-fabricated products, strips and grains. Integrated with advanced Blockchain technology, this best-in-class system provides customers with an immutable, transparent record of each step of the metal sourcing and production processes.

  • Scrupulous Sourcing
    Helps customers to determine compliant mines or mine types, as well as other standard metal sourcing alternatives such as recycled materials or bullion bars that takes every compliance variable into account
  • Supply Chain Traceability
    Transparent, independent and permission-based Blockchain technology ensures an immutable record of each step throughout  the sourcing and production processes to confirm the positive impact of clients’ products. Blockchain technology enhances data security and traceability
  • Product Guarantees
    Provides clients the option to have a detailed Certificate of Origin that distinguishes each product type as being of singular origin and meeting the highest ethical standards. For applicable products, clients also have the option of adopting the PROVENANCE registered mark, to further enhance their reputations as brands of conscience

PAMP Accreditations & Compliance
PROVENANCE is backed by PAMP’s unparalleled record of accreditations and compliance within the global precious metals industry. With nearly a half a century of expertise, PAMP has forged the template industry-wide for responsible precious metals supply chain practices.