• In essence, the process of tooling and die work represents the very heart of the fine art of minting. Only the most skilled hands in the field carry out the physical interpretation of conceptual design. Indeed, PAMP entrusts this vital operation to the most disciplined and seasoned professionals in the world
  • This critical step of the creative process represents the moment when the perfection of the final product is determined. PAMP's skilled artists painstakingly craft the plaster modeling to produce an exact ‘blueprint’ of the custom design that is nothing less than extraordinary
  • In turn, minting dies are reproduced from masters with incomparable precision and control, supported by the most advanced two- and three-dimensional, laser engraving die machinery
  • Above all, PAMP and its designers are committed to the high art form that this phase constitutes, consistently carrying it out with the passion that it demands. This vital part of the process is aimed to meet the client's specifications while exceeding expectations