• Only after the most optimal master die is achieved can the process move into the production phase. As an industry authority, PAMP has always considered the purity of its metals and advanced technologies to form the core component of all its operations
  • Providing a vast range of finishing options, PAMP suggests to clients the enhancements best suited to realize their custom product. Among the many techniques available are gold and bi-metal plating, frosted, satin or high-polish finishing, gem-set variations, hologram or precision color application, and artistic tarnishing finish
  • Significantly, PAMP's many signature contributions to industry innovation are its proprietary techniques of colorization and holographic application. As the first in the industry to develop the engineering required for the colorization of bars and pendants, PAMP's techniques allow for complete or selective colorization to enhance the final product. Holographic application sets any custom order apart with a unique and unexpected optical effect incorporated directly into the metal