• The packaging and presentation of the custom product are just as integral to the process as the product itself. The unique qualities of every custom order demand styling that emphasizes its prestige. PAMP's specialists are on-hand to develop the most fitting packaging and presentation materials for every client who desires them
  • PAMP meets packaging requests by providing the perfect match for any custom creation. From handcrafted boxes of fine leather or exotic woods, to acrylic displays customized to the client's design, PAMP employs personalized packaging options to perfectly present every design
  • Additionally, PAMP became a pioneer of the packaging of small bars with the implementation of sealed CertiPAMP™ packaging: Numbered and officially signed presentation cards that both protect and authenticate the products within. CertiPAMP has become the preferred packaging of banks and institutions worldwide, and may be completely personalized with any combination of colors, logo, emblem or corporate motto