In combination with assaying services, PAMP's world-renowned refining capabilities have been a leading proficiency since their inception, almost 30 years ago.

PAMP processes all materials bearing gold, silver and/or platinum group metals.

Current gold and silver refining capacities exceed 450-metric tons and 600-metric tons per year respectively, which ensures superior flexibility, fast turnaround and competitive pricing. Current platinum group metals (PGM) refining capacity exceeds 30-metric tons per year.

Methods include electrolysis, wet chemical chlorination (aqua regia), and wet chemical parting.

All mine doré and scrap material can be refined up to '999.99' (five-nines) purity, to meet specific industrial needs such as electronics and fine jewelry manufacture.

After refining, gold, silver, platinum or palladium may be delivered as fine metal ingots, grain, alloys, sponge (powder) or salts (crystal or solution) according to the client’s specifications.

Prior to any refining process, PAMP undertakes stringent verification of a supplier’s legitimacy, ethics, responsible business conduct and practices, as well as the origin of material and integrity of the transportation chain.