• PAMP and the local community: A close collaboration despite the difficulties of Covid

    As described in the latest edition of the magazine ‘Castello Informa,’ PAMP's support of local realities has again been renewed this year. Through the promotion of various socially responsible activities, the company’s close collaboration with the local area was further reinforced.

    This year, thanks to the invaluable contribution of PAMP employees, it has been possible to organize volunteer work in cooperation with local institutions. PAMP employees willingly devoted their time to engage in the maintenance of the ‘Percorso vita’ path and, together with municipal workers, in the reestablishment of the historical value of a small military building in the area of Obino.

    Also, the collaboration between PAMP and Istituto Sant’Angelo di Loverciano continues. The ‘terra creta,’ or ceramics, laboratory that PAMP previously provided to the students of this extraordinary school has now been structurally redesigned so that the activities are divided according to the skills and needs of the students. The course continues along the lines outlined by the ‘education to work’ project, which allows these gifted yet developmentally challenged students to come into contact with a world similar to that of labor.

    Finally, despite the Covid-related cancellation of the well-known charity dinner organized by the Swiss Committee for UNICEF, support for the organization’s noble cause – prevention of the exploitation and abuse of children worldwide – did not cease. Thus, PAMP was able to contribute for the fourth year in a row to the project: "L’impegno del Ticino per l’infanzia.’

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