• Talismans of Love & Good Fortune for 2020

    Nothing is more intimate, personal and cherished than jewels inscribed with sentiments of love. Such is FORS™, a collection of talisman-pendants and jewelry charms inspired by PAMP's world-famous bullion emblem of the Roman goddess of good fortune, luck and destiny, the Lady Fortuna™. Bearing the most ancient name of that goddess, Fors, which means ‘She who brings,’ the collection is a precious reminder that love is the most powerful force in the Universal and the birthright of all humankind. Three iconic shapes in a choice of 750 fine gold or 999 pure silver, each talisman is elegantly inscribed with the word LOVE in a combination of English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Arabic, Russian, Hebrew and Chinese. A flexible leather-like cord is also included with each talisman, allowing fora variety of imaginative ways to wear any FORS design. Ideal for gifting, stylish keepsake packaging both stores and protects each talisman when not worn. Discover the entire collection here.