• PAMP increases its social responsibility even further

    PAMP SA has obtained one of the most emblematic Social Responsibility certifications, SA8000, an international standard that sets requirements for ethically correct conduct towards workers by the company and its production chain. The Castel San Pietro (Ticino)-based company is the first precious metals refinery in the world to obtain this accreditation, and joins only five other certified companies in Switzerland.

    Obtaining the SA8000 certification – a voluntary standard – is simultaneously a goal and a starting point for Ticino-based PAMP SA. On one hand, SA8000 (SA stands for Social Accountability), as the name suggests, demonstrates a firm commitment to corporate social responsibility by the company, while on the other it requires the implementation of a complex system of internal management at every level of the business so as to monitor the entire production chain.

    Even for a business that is particularly active when it comes to sustainability and also has numerous ethical certifications, this was a particularly demanding process, as Umberto Magro, PAMP’s General Manager, explains: “It was certainly the hardest certification to obtain because it requires oversight capacity and very strict monitoring processes over the entire production chain, meaning all of our clients and suppliers.” To give some idea of the commitment that the SA8000 certification requires, PAMP has around 700 suppliers, and has to make sure that every one of them respects ethical principles on human rights, worker rights, child labour, and occupational health and safety.

    It is a major commitment and a source of immense satisfaction for the Castel San Pietro refinery, which has once again demonstrated its unflinching dedication to ensuring the wellbeing of the people who come into contact with the business directly or indirectly. On a practical level, in addition to developing client and supplier analysis procedures, PAMP has drawn up a “Code of Ethics”, introduced new internal communication tools, identified new roles within the business, produced a handbook for handling critical situations, drawn up a new employment contract focused on better protection for workers, and invested in around 200 hours of training for personnel on the SA8000 certification.

    Only five other companies in Switzerland have obtained this certification, and PAMP is the first precious metals refinery in the world to be the proud holder of this prestigious accreditation. It is a tangible sign of the path that the company has been following determinedly for several years, with the aim of becoming a real reference point on sustainable development for the entire precious metal transformation sector. Mehdi Barkhordar, Managing Director of PAMP SA, was particularly keen to obtain the SA8000 certification: “The MKS PAMP Group has developed several internal monitoring procedures to ensure that the entire precious metals chain is ethical. The SA8000 standard is an international standard at the highest level, making it possible to amplify PAMP’s commitment to sustainability and transparency by requiring ethical conduct from its suppliers and clients. PAMP is proud to lead by example and to set new industry standards that hopefully others will try and strive for as well.”


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