Ticino, Switzerland, May 9, 2019: PAMP was privileged to attend the annual fundraising event and dinner in support of UNICEF and its tireless efforts to improve conditions essential to optimal childhood development worldwide. Fundamental to that initiative is to provide vulnerable, at-risk children access to proper nutrition, potable drinking water, adequate healthcare, and educational resources. This event marks our company's 3rd consecutive attendance, represented by PAMP CEO, Nadia Haroun. Ms. Haroun was honored to share PAMP's table with many local government, civic and business leaders, all committed to furthering UNICEF's extraordinary global mission.

    Photos: With Ms. Haroun, from top to bottom, left to right:
    Paolo Prada, Deputy Mayor, Castel San Pietro & Nadia Haroun, CEO PAMP SA; Maria Luisa Siccardi of Medacta International SA; Fabio Bossi, BNS Regional Economic Relations & Paolo Zella, UBS Regional Vice Director & Alessandro Colombi, CEO Corriere del Ticino & Paolo Prada & Luca Caltieri, Regional Director Protectas Security & Stefano Rizzi, DFE Cantonal Finance Department & Luca Albertoni, Director Ticino Chamber of Commerce; Paolo Zella; Paolo Prada & Luca Caltieri; Paolo Guglielmoni, Entertainer & Luca Albertoni & Fabrizio Casati, Presenter RSI Radiotelevisione svizzera.

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