• Sneak Preview of PAMP’s Entries For Coin Constellation 2012 Awards

    The annual Coin Constellation awards contest is arranged by the Russian numismatic publishing house, Water Mark. In 2011 there were no fewer than 200 entries from 25 countries, and entrants included the world’s largest and most prestigious mints, national banks and distribution companies. PAMP is proud to have won third place in the ‘Series Of The Year’ category for our very popular ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’ set and his year we hope to achieve even more.

    Entries for the 2012 contest have already been submitted and we are pleased to offer you a sneak preview of three of our entries. Contact us and let us know what you think.

    Nomination: Unique concept – “Leonardo”

    Leonardo da Vinci is revered for his technological ingenuity. His prolific studies in science and engineering are as impressive and innovative as his fine artistry. His work, “Vitruvian Man” is regarded as a cultural icon. Here, PAMP has depicted the famous sketch spread over 24 fine .999 silver proof quality legal tender coins – and using our unique ‘edgeless’ printing technology.





    Nomination: Silver Coin of the Year – “Russian Icon: Holy Trinity”

    This coin depicts the famous icon which is stored in the temple of the Holy Patriarchs Hebron, the oldest of the cities mentioned in the Hebrew scriptures. He image depicts the appearance of God to Abraham in the form of three angels. PAMP has created this .999 fine silver coin with a convex shape and edgeless minting. It is proof quality and with partially coloured, high relief.





    Nomination: Coin classic – “Calliope Muse of Poetry”

    Calliope whose name means ‘beautiful voice’, is the muse of epic poetry. The eldest and wisest, Calliope was the chief of all the Muses and inspired many of the great epic poems of Greek literature, including Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey, that tell of heroic deeds and events significant to ancient Greek culture. Here PAMP has created a classic motif in proof .999 silver with several levels of frosting technique.

  • PAMP Represents at Three Major Coin Shows

    For PAMP the most important coin trade fairs on the calendar are Berlin World Money Fair, ANA World Fair of Money (to be held this year in Philadelphia, USA) and the Singapore International Coin Fair. Three fairs in three major international markets.

    Berlin was held in February and was another excellent event. As well as having extensive interactions with our trade partners it was another important time to meet at our booth the many keen local collectors and enthusiasts.

    Several trade shows mark the international coin calendar. They are an important time for a global industry to connect with one another – competitors, customers and collaborators. Tends and technologies change rapidly and these events are a vital way for the industry to develop and grow.

    PAMP, with a physical office presence in some 15 countries on 5 continents is a truly global company with a global supply chain and distribution network. As such, many of our products are conceived in one country, designed in another and produced in a third. It is therefore vital for us to constantly track both production and consumption trends in all the markets we serve.

    The Singapore event ( is to be held at the end of March. Please keep a look out for our booth. We look forward to meeting you there.