PAMP is pleased to announce the latest edition of its popular Lunar Calendar Series for 2020: The Year of the Rat.

    In Chinese culture, the rat is symbolic of adaptability, industriousness, intelligence, charisma and prosperity. Thus, throughout 2020, the Chinese anticipate a time of successful adaptability to change, opportunities in which charisma and charm will play a positive role, reasoned yet cautious decision making, and abundance.

    The unique front-to-back design illusion, a signature of PAMP’s Lunar Calendar Series, features a reverse-side rendering of a charming rat, facing west – the cardinal direction associated with this animal. The element of metal is particular to the rat in 2020, represented by an ancient Chinese coin bearing characters that translate to: “The year of the rat is the harvest year.” The obverse-side displays the rat as if viewed from behind, and the single inscription on the ancient coin bears the mark of the ancient Chinese Imperial Mint.

    Rich in symbolism, this latest edition of the series is precision minted with a thoughtful mix of high and low relief, dynamic finishes, and exquisite detail.

    As with every edition of the series, the Year of the Rat ingot is sealed within brilliant red CertiPAMP packaging, ensuring that it is both ready-made for gift-giving and an ideal purchase for bullion enthusiasts.

    Further information on the Year of the Pig ingot – as well as the entire Lunar Calendar Series – can be found here.

  • PAMP at the IPMI 43rd International Conference

    PAMP was pleased to attend the International Precious Metals Institute's 43rd annual, 4-day conference that commenced Saturday June 15 through Tuesday June 18, 2019.

    In particular we are honored to have sponsored Sunday's Swiss (of course!) chocolate fondue fountain in acknowledgment of the Institute's mission, spanning 4-decades, to collect, archive and share substantive, definitive and factual information regarding literally all aspects of the precious metals industry.

    As ever, the conference was enlightening and enjoyable for all attendees, and we look forward to attending again next year!

    Photography: Kiley Howard