• PAMP Puts the Gold Into Gaultier

    When French designer Jean Paul Gaultier decided to place his world-renowned tattoo design on gold bullion he turned to no other than PAMP, the world’s leading precious metals fabricator, to bring his vision to life.

    Said JPG: “In my family, the women all wore those guilloched medallions made in the Fifties and I wanted to rediscover this art of extremely fine relief work that so perfectly complements gold and its infinite lustre. So, I evidently worked on all that in a tattoo spirit, very Gaultier, with considerable passion and good humour!”

    Using some of the most advanced engineering techniques, PAMP elevated M. Gaultier’s design into extra high relief on the minted .9999 fine one ounce gold bar. The bar also features a unique packaging that allows the wearer to enjoy it as a pendant.

    Marketed by CPoR Devises, the leading French distributor, the line was launched to worldwide acclaim in August last year, and continues to sell strongly in 2012.


  • New WINGS Design Has Been Added To The Elements Series Of Ingot Pendants

    PAMP is excited to share the latest addition to its best-selling Elements ingot-pendant collection: WINGS.

    Like Bloom, the premier Elements series of floral motifs, Wings is delightfully feminine, romantic, and effortlessly stylish to wear. Designs include a soulful Butterfly atop a spray of floral buds; a graceful dragonfly resting upon a blade of grass, and an agile Hummingbird gathering nectar from open blossoms.

    With Wings, style takes flight and lends further distinction to PAMP\'s worldwide reputation as the leading innovator of precious metals products. The ethereal and delicate winged  creatures seem to flutter about the elegant Elements silhouette, while the minimalist, elongated design integrates a bale, thus allowing for wear with either cord or chain. Exceptional and memorable as a gift, or just for the self, Wings is available in 999.9 pure gold or .999 pure silver.

    Further information can be found here.