• New WINGS Design Has Been Added To The Elements Series Of Ingot Pendants

    PAMP is excited to share the latest addition to its best-selling Elements ingot-pendant collection: WINGS.

    Like Bloom, the premier Elements series of floral motifs, Wings is delightfully feminine, romantic, and effortlessly stylish to wear. Designs include a soulful Butterfly atop a spray of floral buds; a graceful dragonfly resting upon a blade of grass, and an agile Hummingbird gathering nectar from open blossoms.

    With Wings, style takes flight and lends further distinction to PAMP\'s worldwide reputation as the leading innovator of precious metals products. The ethereal and delicate winged  creatures seem to flutter about the elegant Elements silhouette, while the minimalist, elongated design integrates a bale, thus allowing for wear with either cord or chain. Exceptional and memorable as a gift, or just for the self, Wings is available in 999.9 pure gold or .999 pure silver.

    Further information can be found here.


  • Sustainable Development Remains High Priority for PAMP

    With the release of PAMP's Social and Environmental Report, the company renewed its commitment to transparency in the realms of sustainable development and social responsibility. The report, released publicly in January, demonstrates PAMP's consistency with respect to its employees and surrounding environment as well as the new strides it is taking to respond to the needs of a changing world.

    Made in collaboration with the Department of Territory, the impartial report detailed PAMP's attention to energy expenditure and conservation of resources. While production has increased from the previous year, the input of nitrogen oxides into the atmosphere remained unchanged thanks to PAMP's aptitude in waste management. According to the report, the company has also exhibited energy efficiency in the realms of electrical power by rationalizing daytime energy consumption.

    In the area of social responsibility, the report provided significant insight into PAMP's relationship with its employees. With a 17% increase in employment from the previous year, PAMP reported an average of at least five years with the company for approximately 50% of all employed.

    PAMP's commitment to social development and renewal has extended outside of its immediate territory and into the surrounding community. This is most evidenced by the company's support of local organizations, such as the Institute Sant'Angelo of Loverciano. On January 25th a special presentation was provided for the children of the Institute when famed mountaineer Stephan Siegrist gave a live interactive demonstration utilizing a climbing wall.

    For the second year in a row, PAMP has maintained the path to sustainable growth and in as many years has done so in an open and transparent fashion. The path forward for the company is assured, as the proven leader in precious metal refining continues to lead in social and environmental sustainability.