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  • Tungsten Cores Gold Bars Issue

    Last week there was another incident of gold bars with Tungsten cores in the US. This is not a new problem, however, it is the first time it impacted the PAMP brand. While this is a serious issue, nevertheless it is limited to a very limited number of bars, less than 10 to our knowledge, as compared to a production of millions of bars annually. Therefore, while there is no question as to the integrity of PAMP products in the market, however, we are providing some general information on the subject which we hope might answer some potential questions:

    1. As with the purchase of any other product, it is imperative that one only deals with reputable distributors. Furthermore, one should avoid sellers who offer unusual terms of sales.

    2. To our knowledge, tungsten core bars can be detected using ultrasonic equipment.

    3. A more rudimentary and less certain method for detection is to check the actual weight of the bar as compared to its theoretical weight, as it is extremely difficult to match the theoretical weight of the original bar when using Tungsten cores.

    4. The X-ray as well as the density tests are both totally ineffective when it comes to detecting Tungsten core bars.

    Should you have any further questions on this subject, please feel free to contact us.