• World money Fair

    One of the most prestigious events in the world of numismatics returns in February. The beginning of next month will see the commencement of the 42nd World Money Fair in Berlin, Germany. This year's event will reportedly draw approximately 15,000 visitors to the Estrel Convention Center and is to feature over 300 exhibitors from nearly 50 countries. The fair provides collectors the unique opportunity of direct access to over 50 mints and central banks, including this year's guest of honor: Monnaie de Paris. PAMP will be making its enthusiastic return to the fair with a newly constructed presentation booth, featuring a vast array of new products and services.

    During its exhibit, PAMP will be placing particular emphasis on its latest technological innovation: VeriScan. Utilizing Laser Surface Authentication technology, the VeriScan process digitally captures the unique surface signature of PAMP's precious metal products and converts the data into a corresponding digital ID. Exclusive to PAMP, this efficient, reliable and cost-effective authentication solution allows for all precious metal products produced by PAMP to be instantly identified by VeriScan mobile scanners.

    PAMP will also be drawing special attention to its ongoing commemorative coin and medal program with UNESCO. The primary aim of the international program is to highlight the full-range of UNESCO's missions across the globe, including its efforts to preserve the World Heritage Sites of over 150 countries.

    The World Money Fair officially opens on February 1st and runs through February 3rd.

  • Argor–Heraeus and PAMP become Ordinary Members of the London Bullion Market Association

    Argor–Heraeus and PAMP SA, two of the most important and internationally renowned precious metals refineries in the world, announced today that they had been appointed as “Ordinary Members” of the prestigious London Bullion Market Association (LBMA), as of the 7th of November 2012.

    The LBMA is the London-based trade association, operating at global level and representing the wholesale market for gold and silver; their ongoing activities involve many different areas, such as refining standards, good trading practices and standard documentation.

    It is an unusual honor for the LBMA to recognize this prestigious membership status on refineries. PAMP and Argor-Heraeus now join a group of only five such members, the others being Metalor (Switzerland), Tanaka (Japan) and Rand Refinery (South-Africa).

    The LBMA's current membership stands at over 130 companies in 20 countries, which have been admitted at different levels of participation as either Associates, Market Making Members or Ordinary Members. All companies within the membership must have activities that are closely related to the London market in gold or silver bullion. These activities include trading, broking, shipping and storage, mining and refining, inspection and assaying, and research.

    As Ordinary Members, Argor–Heraeus and PAMP will now be able to vote on various issues deliberated upon at the Association’s Annual General Meetings, nominate candidates for LBMA Committees and sponsor applications from other companies applying to become Members or Associates.

    Both companies, Argor–Heraeus and PAMP, were already listed as “LBMA Good Delivery” accredited refineries and were affiliated to the LBMA as “Associates”, before being admitted as “Ordinary Members”.