PAMP is pleased to announce the release of a new gold and silver ingot series inspired by ‘True Happiness,’ one of China's most treasured calligraphy characters.
    The practice of respect and reverence for elders and ancestors is one of the most enduring of all traditional Chinese values. And so it is fitting that the late 17th century Emperor Kangxi created the True Happiness character as blessing for his ailing grandmother.

    Considered a design unparalleled in the history of calligraphy, the unique character depicts happiness and life together when divided into two parts. In addition to the love of family that inspired its creation, experts identify five different meanings of happiness represented within the character: More children, more talent, more farmland, more luck and long life.

    As a defining character of Chinese calligraphy, True Happiness adorns both gold and silver ingots to perfection.

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    As the first in an unprecedented worldwide series, PAMP and the Royal Dutch Mint are pleased to announce the issuing of the Amsterdam Canal Ring Area euro. Scheduled for a November 19th release, the five and ten euro coins mark the official debut of PAMP's cooperative international coin and medal program with UNESCO to promote its World Heritage sites and numerous global missions.

    Completed in the early 17th century, Amsterdam's canal district was the largest urban extension of its time, and helped to transform the city into a bustling cultural center of international trade and educational exchange. As one of the greatest architectural advancements in history, the area was deemed a protected UNESCO World Heritage site in 2010.

    For the euro's design, the obverse was crafted with a portrait of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands set against a background of a world map with fingerprints shaped as continents. The euro's reverse depicts the canal district set against another angle of the world map and displays the coin's value written in Dutch.

    The Amsterdam Canal Ring Area euro is a legal tender commemorative coin and the first in a nine-year series of annual releases from the Royal Dutch Mint. The series will follow this year's release by issuing commemorative coins of the Netherlands, Rietveld Schröder House in 2013 and the Mill Network at Kinderdijk-Elshout in 2014. The first three coins in the series are designed by Tine Melzer.

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