• Of Myth & Magic Coin Series

    New for 2020, PAMP is excited to offer a new commemorative coin series inspired by legendary mythical creatures and beasts, beloved subjects of ancient folklore, literature and 21st century novels and films – Of Myth & Magic! Featuring original artwork based on historical examples, each coin is a masterpiece of the Art of Minting, selectively colorized with vibrant hues and virtual gold embellishments perfected by PAMP. Uniquely packaged within a storybook-like presentation box, each coin is sure to be a treasured addition to any coin collection, or as a special keepsake gift cherished for generations to come. To learn more, please click here.

  • New Year, new YouTube channel!

    Discover PAMP’s new YouTube channel, where you can stay informed about product launches and new service innovations. Our YouTube channel also allows you to easily share our video content with others outside of social media, whether by e-mail, SMS text, Messenger, WhatsApp or other communication platforms.

    And what better way to launch our new channel than with this special video highlighting the symbolism within PAMP’s world famous bullion design, the Lady Fortuna?

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