PAMP is pleased to make publicly available for download our Sustainability Report for the 2019 fiscal year.

    This highly detailed Report communicates our company's activities in the areas of social, environmental, economic and corporate responsibility while further demonstrating PAMP's ceaseless commitment to sustainable development.

    For the ninth consecutive year, PAMP's Sustainability Report has been diligently compiled to substantiate the company's accomplishments as well as to communicate our priorities and goals for the future. PAMP continues to lead the industry with an ethical conduct strategy that we constantly improve upon to exceed industry regulations and standards.

    Please see PAMP's latest Sustainability Report for more information.

  • NEW for 2021! The Year of the Ox Bullion Series!

    PAMP is thrilled to present the latest edition of our popular Lunar Calendar Series, an annually issued collection of minted ingots celebrating the token animals associated with each particular Chinese New Year – the Year of the Ox. The characteristics associated with the Ox mark 2021 from February 12, the Chinese New Year through to January 31, 2022.

    The Ox is the second symbolic animal in the 12-year cycle of the Chinese Lunar Calendar. Oxen were essential to agricultural societies thanks to their great strength and persistent yet cautious natures. People born in a Year of the Ox may seem slow to take action, but that is an illusion. The Ox is indeed industrious, yet it understands that along with physical endurance, caution, self-reflection and patience are also necessary to achieve successful results. The Ox knows that all seeds, properly planted and cultivated with diligence and patience will grow into bountiful crops. The Ox is strongly associated with a ‘big’ or fruitful outcome if properly honored.

    That symbolism, among other traditional attributes, are evident in PAMP’s handsome Year of the Ox design. The reverse side depicts a powerful Ox as it pauses from its work to drink from a calm pool of water, which also reflects its image, indicating the Ox’s thoughtful, self-reflective nature. Each of its two powerful horns is echoed by the branches of a peach tree, as the numbers 1 and 4, and any combination thereof, are considered lucky to the Ox. Peach blossoms are also fortunate to the Ox, and here, the flowers are only beginning to bud, indicating the Ox’s understanding that the tree is sure to bloom at the right moment, the right time. The Ox faces southeast, its lucky direction.

    The obverse side reveals that beyond the hill, ‘big things’ await in the form of a wooden cart nearly overflowing with gold coins. Indeed, metals such as gold are strongly associated with the 2021 Lunar Year. A detached wheel seems to await repair, but here too, the Ox is aware that in due time, all will be set right. Throughout many cultures, the wheel represents the cycles of time, and the patient Ox has faith in its high work ethic, strength and endurance.

    As always, the Lunar Calendar series ingots arrived sealed within striking red, CertiPAMP packaging; red being the traditional color of gift-giving throughout the Chinese New Year.