• Introducing PAMP’s 2022 Year of the Tiger Minted Ingots


    Following a lunar cycle, 2022 is the Chinese Year of the Tiger, and is celebrated from the 1st of February 2022 through to January 31, 2023. The latest addition to our popular Lunar Calendar Series celebrates the Tiger with an ingot design featuring exceptional artwork original to PAMP, rich in traditional Chinese symbolism. Precision minted with a proof-like finish, a youthful and energetic tiger descends a blossoming plum tree southward, its gaze to the east, both favorable directions for the tiger. The distinctively striped great cat seems eager to spring into action, true to the ambitious and determined nature of the tiger sign. Each year of the Chinese lunar calendar is further influenced by a natural element, and in 2022 that element is water, which nourishes the plum tree so it may thrive. Indeed, despite early frosts, the plum is the first fruit tree to bloom in the spring. Therefore, plum blossoms are closely associated with the tiger as symbolic of good luck and endurance. Indeed, the tiger is revered as a powerful force to defend against bad luck and is also beloved as a protector and guide of young children. Its strong spine and sinewy form are reminders of its power and cunning. Above all strength, keen intelligence, prowess and courage are traits closely associated with this noble creature. People born under the lunar sign of the tiger are natural leaders who are clever, brave, and healthy. However, when left unchecked, those positive attributes can turn to arrogance, impulsiveness to the point of excess, stubbornness, and an inability to respect the viewpoints of others.

    To discover the 2022 Year of the Tiger ingot design in detail, please click here.

  • World Blood Donor Day

    Last month, PAMP partnered with its long-standing partner, Fondazione Sant’Angelo di Loverciano to celebrate World Blood Donor Day, a campaign that raises global awareness on the critical solidarity and contribution of blood donors, as well as the need of regular donations in order to secure high-quality blood.

    This initiative was organized by the World Health Organization (WHO) and also served as an opportunity for PAMP staff and the Fondazione Sant’Angelo di Loverciano to exchange (while respecting social distancing measures), over cakes, drinks and homemade marmalade.

    A special thanks to the blood donors, transfusion team, and community for making a success of this event.

    For more information on this initiative, visit the World Health Organization website.