PAMP was pleased to celebrate its annual Christmas party this month in the company's home canton of Ticino, Switzerland. Held on December 8th, this year's event put a special focus on 2017 as the company's 40th anniversary year.

    The Castel San Pietro-based company welcomed its employees and their families to Ristorante Metamorphosis at Lugano lake where 270 guests enjoyed an elegant evening of superb local cuisine and a dazzling performance by an aerial silk acrobat dressed in gold. Additional entertainment was provided later in the evening through the breathtaking talents of acclaimed mentalist Raffaele Scircoli. The children of PAMP's employees were treated to a delightful night of their own thanks to UAU Creating Emotions, Lugano, which led the youngsters in games, dances, and arts and crafts.

    The evening was made even sweeter by a spectacular cake from PAMP Dubai bearing the personalized message: 'Congratulations PAMP on 40 glorious years!'

    Speakers at the event included PAMP Owner Marwan Shakarchi, Managing Director Mehdi Barkhodar and CEO Nadia Haroun. Their speeches reflected back on the journey that had made PAMP the company it is and all of the people responsible.

    'Overall, today we rank among the companies with the highest reputations, expertise, and integrity in the precious metal world,' Ms. Haroun said. 'All of this would not have been possible without you – all of you – working as a team to grow PAMP together.'

    Ms. Haroun extended further gratitude towards PAMP's employees for their active participation in the ‘PAMP Together' initiative, which was designed to assist the local community through various volunteer programs. The initiative was launched earlier this year as part of the company's 40th anniversary celebration.

    'I am so proud of you all for representing PAMP outside our factory in such humble, kind and positive ways,' Ms. Haroun said. 'It was a truly amazing experience that demonstrated the high values of PAMP's employees.'

    The very special event perfectly capped off another wonderful year for PAMP, and marked a major milestone for a company that has become the most trusted and accredited refiner and fabricator of precious metals in the world.